God 1st Get Money(G1GM), that’s the slogan that independent hip hop artist MD UNO lives by. MD UNO, which stands for Mookie Da1, is from the South Side of Atlanta, Georgia by way of Roosevelt Long Island, New York. Uno began rapping at 8 years old. He started to take the art form serious at the age of 10 and has been on a pursuit to “Change the world” ever since.

Uno has been influenced by artists such as Biggie Smalls, Andre 3000, Jay-z, Kendrick Lamar and a number of other artists. In light of his influences, Uno has developed a distinct and unique style of his own. His subject matter encompasses the sensitive topics of social injustices, God & Religion as well as the touchy yet, real and sophisticated urban issues that many artists of today tend to avoid entirely. MD UNO’s music will inevitably appeal to the masses in an appointed time, and it definitely encompasses the potential to bring forth a shift or change to hip hop culture. His music relates to the public in an artistically expressive way that has not been met since the likeness of 2Pac Shakur, who happens to be Uno’s biggest musical inspiration and influence.

Despite a number of obstacles faced by Uno as a teenager, he was able to graduate high school on a scholarship and go on to receive his BA in Business Management. To date, MD UNO has released a total of 5 mixtapes. In 2016 MD Uno made his debut on national TV with his feature on hip hop artist No Malice former member of The Clipse hit single "Best Believe It". Soon after  a clip from the music video  of  MD Uno's verse was posted on Facebook and received over a million views in one week. MD Uno has graced Vibe Magazine's stage for A3C hip hop festival and rocked the crowd to their feet. His undeniable dedication, consistency, substance and passion is what separates him from the pack. Outside of rapping, Uno is an actor and an active songwriter of multiple genres of music ranging from gospel to pop. Changing the world and dominating the music industry are just two things on this artists to do list.


Label - Indie


O.N.E. One Nation Entertainment


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